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R&D Tax Credits Assist Ohio Metalformer

Since 1981, to encourage U.S.-based research and development, the federal government has provided a tax credit in addition to tax deductions for businesses’ R&D expenditures. A few years ago, rules were clarified to make the credits easier to obtain for manufacturers. These apply to businesses large and small, and small- and medium sized manufacturing companies […]

Unclaimed Money: R&D Tax Credits for Mold Builders

One of the most under-utilized tax savings opportunities for mold builders is the Credit for Increasing Research Activities (R&D tax credit). The R&D tax credit rewards companies who invest resources in new technology, product development, mold or die design and process development or improvements. In addition to Federal tax savings, several states have similar programs […]

Rewarding Innovation With R&D Tax Credits

Member firms, preferred providers team to bring R&D tax credits to clients

The Research & Experimentation Tax Credit, or the R&D Tax Credit, is a federal tax credit for increasing research activities. The tax credit is a general business tax credit rewarding innovation for companies that are incurring R&D expenses in the U.S…