The R&D Tax Credit Expiration

Reprinted with permission from Plastics Today

Welcome to 2014. I’d say ‘Happy New Year’ but I’m afraid it’s not going to be so happy for many small-to-mid-sized manufacturers.

The Research & Development Tax Credit, popular among many manufacturing industries, including processors and moldmakers, has been allowed to expire. I had a chat with Scott Schmidt, CEO of Black Line Group about his take on this. “The R&D tax credit has been allowed to expire many times in the past, so it’s my feeling that it will get extended,” Schmidt told PlasticsToday…

The R&D Tax Credit

Look at your company’s research and development activities for another way to lower your tax bill. Sometimes the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) giveth more than it taketh. Section 41 of the code created a research and development tax credit designed to be your tax pal and reward you for improving your business within the United […]