The R&D Tax Credit

Congress Makes the Research Tax Credit Permanent!

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A Missed Opportunity … Until Now

Making it possible for small and mid-size businesses to take advantage of a tax credit almost exclusively used by big business.

When Congress enacted the R&D (research and development) Tax Credit in 1981, it fully intended for the credit to be used by businesses of all sizes. However, this did not occur, for a variety of reasons; the complexity of the documentation, the cost of hiring experts to do the documentation, and the general confusion over what does and does not qualify. Many small and mid-size businesses and their tax advisors felt it was simply not viable to pursue this tax credit. So, the only companies taking advantage of this benefit were big businesses.

Black Line Group is changing that. Specializing in working with small and mid-size businesses, Black Line Group’s tax specialists have worked extensively in this specialized area of the tax code. These seasoned professionals can quickly assess whether your company’s activities qualify for the R&D Tax Credit.

While the majority of our clients tend to be small and mid-size businesses with revenues up to $250 million, our team also performs R&D Tax Credit studies for Fortune 500 companies.

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