About Us

Black Line Group is an independent firm that focuses exclusively on providing R&D tax credit expertise to small and mid-size businesses (SMBs). Since the majority of certified public accountants do not have this specific expertise, Black Line Group’s team of professionals will work with your accountants and keep them in the loop throughout the entire process. Black Line Group does one thing and one thing alone – we help small and mid-size business succeed in taking advantage of a complicated tax credit that they deserve.

Black Line Group’s technical staff is made up of professionals with extensive R&D tax credit, tax compliance, and manufacturing expertise. You can be sure that your engagement will have a professional assigned to it with an extensive knowledge of the R&D tax credit and that all qualifying activities will be identified and properly documented to provide you the maximum credit allowed by law.

Rachel Bishop, CPA

Rachel BishopDirector of R&D Credit Tax Credits, CPA, has been with Black Line Group since 2004 and has led or overseen more than 750 R&D tax credit projects. She has worked with clients ranging in size from small start-up organizations to established Fortune 500 companies within the following industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Equipment Manufacturing, Software, Furniture & Cabinetry, Food & Beverage, Farming & Agriculture, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Chemical Coatings / Adhesives and Plastics. She has extensive experience with a variety of Custom Manufacturing disciplines, including Precision Machining, Stamping, Forging, Injection Molding, 3D Printing, Tool & Die, Weld & Fabrication, Assembly, etc.

Over her extensive career, Rachel has worked with companies developing products such as tile, floor cleaners, beverage dispensers, paint booths, GIS software, cosmetics, wind sail fabric, jet packs, energy drinks, roofing solutions, floor mats, steel pails, garage doors, nutritional supplements, nuclear decommissioning equipment, small and extremely large valves, therapeutic drugs products, hearing aids, prosthetics, speakers, sensors, controllers, wiring and cables, ink products, pens, diabetic needles, phone cases, baby wipes containers, medicine dosing devices, industrial conveyors and systems, industrial fans, artificial disks, rail trolley electrical systems, fishing lures and sinkers, and more.

Rachel also has extensive experience with federal and state R&D tax credits, including exam advocacy and appeals representation. She has achieved high success rates on all cases. Her objective when approaching any client audit is to maximize results and minimize clients time and expense. She aims to resolve as quickly as possible while maintaining strong positions with substantial authority. She also believes in maintaining a positive and respectful relationship with the auditor and working with the client to achieve their objectives for the audit’s outcome.

Prior to Black Line Group, she worked in the Manufacturing industry. Rachel graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2002 with a BBA in Accounting and participated in the Masters program at the University of Texas at Dallas while obtaining the hours required for CPA certification. Rachel is a Texas CPA.

Vikki Johnson

Vikki JohnsonResearch and Development Tax Credit Manager, CPA, has over 12 years of public accounting tax experience with KPMG LLP and Grant Thornton, with the last 7 years focused on helping companies of all sizes identify, quantify, and substantiate Research and Development Tax Credits.

Her experience with the R&D tax credit includes manufacturers of chemical products, oil and gas products, oil and gas exploration research, GPS goods manufacturing, cement production, appliance and plumbing fixtures manufacturing, traffic control systems, pipeline production, robotics manufacturers, construction equipment manufacturing, and software development for advertising, manufacturing, and banking; as well as internal use software for manufacturing, airline, and retail companies. Vikki received her B.S. in Accounting from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Beth Anderson

Beth_Anderson_Black_Line_Group Research and Development Tax Credit Associate, has over 3 years of public accounting tax experience and has previously worked in the R&D tax credit industry. Beth attended Southern Methodist University, obtaining her Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, and the University of Texas at Dallas, obtaining her Master of Science in Accounting and Information Management.

David Bell

David_Bell_Black_Line_Group Research and Development Tax Credit Senior Associate, has over 3 years of public accounting tax experience, with a primary focus in R&D tax credits. David attended the University of Georgia, where he received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, as well as his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Applied Economics.

His experience with the R&D tax Credit includes aerospace and defense, custom and routine manufacturing, food science, and software development.