Our Process

Phase I: Assessment and Feasibility

Our R&D tax credit process offers a two stage approach in identifying whether your company would benefit from the R&D Tax Credit.

The first approach is to take our anonymous high-level ten question assessment.  The purpose of this tool is not to provide you with a definitive answer as to whether you should pursue the R&D Tax Credit, it is meant to help educate you about the important factors and criteria that determine a company’s R&D Tax Credit opportunities. It also facilitates a more substantive dialogue if you determine you want to continue with a conversation.

The second, and much more comprehensive approach, is through a no-cost sixty to ninety minute discussion of your company’s R&D Tax Credit opportunity. This assessment will focus on the many business processes that may qualify under the broad definition of “R&D” for tax credit purposes. Here we provide specific feedback regarding whether to pursue the R&D Tax Credit or not.  In this conversation, we often identify tax credit opportunities that companies and their CPAs don’t believe or understand qualify as research and development.  Because we focus strictly on this specialized area of the tax code, we complement and enhance your existing CPA relationship.

Phase II: Documentation

This phase involves the thorough analysis and documentation of technical issues related to qualified R&D projects and activities. Black Line Group identifies and documents the R&D activities and related spending. This phase is generally performed at your location and will include the interviewing of additional personnel.

Phase III: Reporting

This phase includes the submission of the R&D Study for client review. It also serves as documentation for the company to support their claims for the R&D Tax Credit. The preparation of the required amended tax returns is completed during this phase by your CPA with assistance from Black Line Group.